Friday, July 09, 2010

BNP beaten in Barking, again

Last night the results for the Barking Goresbrook by-election came in where the great white hope Richard Barnbrook was sent packing, again, after there was an administrative cock-up on the part of Labour (standing an ineligible candidate) and the council election had to be taken again.

I thought it might be useful to give the results for May at the same time. They need to be taken with a small pinch of salt though as people had three votes in May and the Lib Dems and Tories only stood two candidates in May.


May result
Labour (elected) 881 46.59% (51.03%)
BNP 642 33.95% (29.20%)
Lib Dem 136 7.19% (6.86%)
Tory 108 5.71% (10.05%)
Ind 63 3.33% (2.86%)
UKIP 50 2.64%
Ind 11 0.58%

The much reduced turnout of 25% compared to 58% in May is only to be expected as the General Election boosted turnout all over. Interesting that it didn't make a massive difference to the actual vote proportions though, apart from the dreadful result for the Tories.

This result is a real blow to the BNP who are already feeling like they are being pulled downwards, back into the sewer that they came from. If even 'high profile' members like Barnbrook can't hold onto a council seat what hope for the future? Ho hum!

One last word, well done to UKIP for standing this time, but they could have tried a bit harder to filtch some of those hard right votes couldn't they? It could've made all the difference.

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