Friday, April 23, 2010

Six election links and one other

  • Cooperatives UK assess the Green Party manifesto.

  • The Scottish Green Party have revamped their website.

  • Much of the right-wing press has been printing bilge on the Lib Dems of late. But it isn't all untrue. Bonus track: Paul Foot reviews Strange Death of Liberal England as a timely reminder that while Clegg might keep talking about the 'old parties' it was the Liberals that were once the old regime getting swept away.

  • I think this is an astonishing story about the Murdock empire trying to bully its rivals, in this case The Independent.

  • Bizarre goings on on the campaign trail as someone in a Prescott mask tries to attack Prescott but ends up assaulting two female Labour volunteers instead. Rumours abound that one of the men involved was a Tory council candidate in the area. Weird. Luke has more.

  • Despite the pro-Clegg agenda there I thought this Dr Who inspired election image was rather fun. Then there's the All Nick Clegg's fault song in response to the recent press allegations.
Not the election...
  • And to cleanse your palette of the election here is the inspiring letter of an ex-slave back to his old master from the 19th century.

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luna17 said...

The Paul Foot article is pure gold - well spotted!