Saturday, April 24, 2010

Brown relaunch

Gordon Brown relaunched himself today in a spectacular event complete with an Elvis impersonator. Brown said the campaign had "got my mojo working" before looking moodily into the camera and asking people to "love me tender" before describing his record of fiscal responsibility.

The Elvis impersonator seems apt for a man whose years as chancellor could be summed up by a few verses of suspicious minds.

His solid style is a prime example of a little less conversation but now that the economy is all shook up Labour looks set to take a hit at the polls.

Looking back, perhaps he always thought George W. Bush, the yellow rose of Texas, was the devil in disguise but in the open in was America the beautiful. Everyone involved managed to avoid jailhouse rock, of course, so no doubt that's the vindication of history.

Brown says it's now or never for the economic recovery, but maybe, just maybe the public has lost that loving feeling.