Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Possibly the best pot hole picture ever!

In local politics there are some issues that come up time and again. No, not the need for an English Parliament or the problems with hypothocated taxation, I am of course talking about dog poo, dumped mattresses and pot holes in the road.

There's a good reason for that, as all these issues have a real and day to day effect upon people's quality of life in a very upfront and obvious way.

The site Glum Councillors has been doing sterling work bringing to the nation's understanding a better understanding of the joy that is councillors trying to look sad as they stand, kneel or sit next to a variety of holes in the road.

However, this picture from the Coventry Telegraph, is possibly the finest example of the genre that I have ever seen.

The situation had got so ridiculous on one road that Kevin Roberts went to the effort of hiring a space suit and recreating the moon landing for his shot in a vain bid to get the council to actually do something about it. Gorgeous!

(with thanks to Joe Rukin for pointing me to this)

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