Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Five blogs you really must read

As you know I often highlight blogs that have recently come to my attention, but it niggles in the back of my mind that once I've mentioned you I may well not mention you again for some time - if ever. This is, of course, no reflection of the excellent quality blogging that's going on out there but simply down to time constraints on my part.

None the less link love is the very stuff of the net - it's not a competitive sport but a co-operative one which is what makes it so lovely. With this in mind I thought I'd highlight a few unaffiliated blogs that I find absolutely top notch. I cannot recommend the following too highly;

  • Ben's Blog: the only blog of a serving prisoner. Thoughtful, enlightening and funny Ben is doing everyone a real service by lifting the lid on the day to day life of prisoners in this country.
  • Liberal Conspiracy: the nation's foremost leftist group blog. In my view Lib Con's editor Sunny has made a phenomenal contribution to left blogging in the UK through this and other projects. Splendid stuff.
  • Third Estate: they may not be quite so central to the left's blog armory but interesting, challenging and provocative the Third Estate team have done really well putting together such a strong blogging team. They go from strength to strength - all power to their elbow I say.
  • Richard Osley: editor of the Camden New Journal, the best local paper I've ever seen, Richard Osley's blog has a very light touch using all the little snippets of info that may well not fit in the paper in a more chatty and friendly style. Excellent mischievous stuff.
  • Brockley Central: well, if I'm talking about local blogs it would be unthinkable to leave out South London's finest - Brockley Central. Every area should have a blog like this. An invaluable asset to the community that helps spread local news and info but more importantly provides a hub for discussion about vital local issues.

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