Monday, February 08, 2010

Endorsed by Lech Wałęsa

Of all the elections I'd expect Lech Wałęsa to get involved in I have to say that of Illinois Governor was possibly the least expected. Lech is a historic figure who led a mass independent trade union movement, Solidarnosc, against Polish Communism.

He's even got a Nobel Peace Prize, although everyone has won of those these days.

He was an inspiring figure once although the less said about his later behaviour as President the better. Anyway, this working class hero has popped up in the US to back his guy
Adam Andrzejewski who was running in the Republican Primary.

So what sort of guy is this Andrzejewski chappy? Shipyard worker? Solid trade unionist? Well, not quite - in fact he's a confirmed tea bagger, one of those ultra-conservatives who find the Republican Party just a touch too wishy-washy and liberal.

Even heavy weight scumbags like Rush Limbaugh had given this guy airtime, I wonder if there are other views he shares with the ex-President of Poland?

Sadly Republican voters were not wowed by Lech, who they don't seem to have heard of, and placed Mr Andrezejewski in fifth place out of six. In fairness to him, he did describe himself as a 'true outsider' throughout the campaign. Still, thank God Lech was in town otherwise he'd had clinched that last place and been humilated.


Strategist said...

Jim, you're just showing off that you can get your keyboard to do that funny Polish 'l' and 'e'.

[PS Does anybody know why the Poles, having used up the letter 'w' for a 'v' sound decided to modify l, of all the letters, to represent the 'w' sound??]

Adam Ramsay said...


I don't know why, but it does make sense to me, acoustically.

Unfortunately Walesa's support for this nutter isn't that surprising. The sad truth is that the current bunch of proto-fascists in Poland are the heirs to Solidarity - elected on an anti-capitalist platform, they found gays were an easier target than corporations. I knew Walesa was guilty of some fairly horrific economic policy under the advice of Sachs, but I hadn't realised he was this bad. Or maybe they are just old mates? Either way, how sad.

Jim Jepps said...

Strat: cut and paste is a wonderful thing (and very useful for me as for some reason my keyboard does not want to recognise the pound sign!)

Adam: they'd never met before. I have noticed that, in common with other ex-leaders, Lech is willing to appear at all sorts of events for the right fee.