Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blogging Resolutions for 2010

Sometimes I post a set of blogging resolutions which I'm usually pretty good at keeping to, although last year I posted up some predictions for this year just gone by instead, which seem to be about 90% right. Back to the resolutions this year I think as I dread to think what the coming year may hold.

Twitter: I'll try to figure out how to use the thing a bit more intelligently. I do like twitter and, despite the fact some people seem to despise the very name with a passion, I think it's rather fun.

What I don't do is pay any attention to gathering new followers or being consistently useful/funny/lovely in my 'tweets'. I'll try and improve this year.

Follow my progress here.

Non-partisan blogging: I don't make a secret of being a Green Party member but I do hope that this blog doesn't read like it's issued by central office. I'm an independent minded chap when all is said and done and I've made no secret of disagreeing with the party sometimes or admiring others in rival organisations when the mood suits me.

Being a general election year there's going to be a certain amount of self applied pressure to be a more down the line party loyalist, which I don't think would be good for the blog or good for me more generally. There will be the added complication that more of my time will be spent doing very specifically electoral work so it's likely that's what will be on my mind.

So for my next resolution, I'll try to get the balance right.

Blog local: I've been doing a touch of blogging at Green Crofton Park, where I've been selected to stand in this year's local elections. I've got a lot to learn about good local blogging that connects to the community so this is going to be a steep learning curve for me.

One of the things I want to do this year is really crack the art of the useful, informative and fun local blog. Lewisham is the place to do it too as there is a veritable hive of strong local blogs in the area to learn from.

New group blogging projects: There's some potential group blogging projects that may emerge in the next few weeks for me. Group blogging is certainly one of the strongest form of blogging and although I'd never give up my own space I am feeling it's time to take group work more seriously.

Now the new year is about to beginning revitalising the Carnival of Socialism with new admins should help to get it back on track but there will be at least two more magazine style projects (one ongoing that I'll be joining and one new that I'll be helping to launch) that will be a refreshing departure for me and I'm really looking forward to.

More interviews: I do enjoy the interviews and guest posts that I host here but they can be hard work for the subject and so they don't appear as often as I'd like. I think I'm going to have a renewed push to getting more guest posts, more interviews and ensuring they come from a good spectrum of people.

I'm going to be running a series of interviews with Green PPCs up to the election so I really do need to ensure that this is balanced out (see above) with other good sorts who hail from other traditions or perspectives. All suggestions more than welcome.


Derek Wall said...

Do have a look at my resolutions

some interviews with non green but good PPCs with a chance like Salam Yaqoob and Dai Davies (of free public transport fame) MP would be good.

keep up the good work in 2010

Steve Durrant said...

Convention Of The Left are drawing up a list of "Back the Left" candidates on the lines that Derek is talking about: Greens, Indies, RESPECT etc. in different wards and constituencies. Even some Labourites (2 to be precise, no points for guessing McDonnell and Corbyn)

Jim Jepps said...

The interview I did with Salma earlier in the year was very good I thought and I wish her all the best.

Certainly all the people on that list would be excellent to speak to - although I've tried McDonnell and didn't get any response, which is fair enough - I'm sure he's very busy.

I'd also be up for interviewing people I have less agreements with, which might be fun. Usually those non-Greens I've interviewed have always been on the left - either a non-left green or a non-green, non-left might be far enough from my comfort zone to create some interest.

On the wider point of 'back the left' candidates, I absolutely hope that we have a good sprinkling of left-wingers from whatever party in parliament. I'll certainly do what I can, the bulk of which will be campaigning for my personal hero, Darren Johnson, in Lewisham.