Thursday, November 26, 2009

We Wee Where We Want

The student who had the poor judgement to get drunk and wee on a war memorial has been sentenced to 250 hours of community service - which is a lot.

If he'd had the good sense to go in a graveyard and pee on the gravestones out of sight like everyone else he'd have had no bother. However, is it just me or is this new?

I don't advocate the application of fresh urine to war memorials under any circumstances, my preference is for people to keep their bits and pieces tucked away in their pants, but in England I think it's fair to say it's common practice for drunk people to piss in public.

It's horrible and I don't like it, but it is pretty common place and you don't have the courts filled with these weak bladdered drunkards.

It feels like he's being made an example of, not least because he's being pilloried in the press, and I'm not sure I like it.


Anonymous said...

250 hours is an incredible amount of community service isn't it?

I feel as if his trial through the press and the copious amounts of facebook groups (some with thousands of members) has led to this stiff sentence.

When he goes to apply for jobs in the future I have no doubt they'll google his name (as often happens when taking on new guys) and when they find these news stories... well, it doesn't look good does it?

He's obviously done something remarkably stupid but the punishment surely doesn't fit the crime here!

HeavyLight said...

I hope that the piss-heads in Wootton Bassett have the sense to avoid any war memorials after drinking.

The kid was an offensive prat but 240 hrs is ridiculous and cause for appeal.