Monday, November 09, 2009

Lewisham links

As you may know I'm cutting down the amount of linking I'm doing in the right hand column to make it all a bit more user friendly. Anyway, in order that I don't throw the baby out with the bath water I've decided to set up a Lewisham links post which I can link back to in order to make sure there's a way of supporting the local community.

If you have a site you'd like to promote please let me know in the comments box. Thanks.


Cllr Dean Walton
Green Ladywell
Lewisham Green Drinks
Lewisham Green Party
Lewisham Greens' Twitter

Bob from Brockley
Brockley Central
Dizzy Thinks


Lewisham Council
Lewisham Local History Society
News shopper
Wikipedia entry

Brockley Cross Action Group
Brockley Jack Theatre
Brockley Max Festival
Brockley Society
Croftton Park Community Link
Crofton Park FC
Jam Circus
Rivoli Ballroom
Telegraph Hill Society
Voluntary Action Lewisham


weggis said...

Isn't 853 in Greenwich?
Why not include Dizzy?

Jim Jay said...

853 is round Lewisham way I thought... who/what's dizzy? I'll pop the link up if you send it to me - ta!