Sunday, October 25, 2009

Professor Griffin speaks

Hands up who knew that the British actually evolved separately from the rest of the humanity? In fact it turns out that the Brits have been keeping themselves to themselves on the British Isles subsisting on an unchanged diet of shepherd's pie and smokey bacon crisps for many thousands of years.

Due to problems at the passport office no-one had been allowed to leave or enter these shores for all that time. Of course, the combined ultra-leftist institutions of the BBC, Women's Institute and the RSPCA have conspired to keep this information from us, inventing such events as the Roman occupation, the British Empire and the 'fact' that we once were not an island.

It's well known that during the last ice age the bulldog spirit meant the approaching glaciers were greeted with a shrug whilst darkly muttering "This will bring the house prices down". We all know migration is unpatriotic even when faced with a wall of ice. They think we'll accept anything. The next you know they'll be claiming the KKK isn't just a little club dedicated to basket weaving and the occasional day trip to Bognor.

Of course Professor Griffin's remarks have not been met with universal acclaim. First of all there is the complaint that this was no normal Question Time. Very true, normally the panelists and audience gang up on the Labour Minister who received a welcome break from harassment in this edition.

Secondly there are those who thought Griffin was not nearly obnoxious enough. Even his own deputy, Lee Barnes, has expressed concern that the BNP's trademark belligerent mendacity had been supplanted by an abstemious reluctance to air immoderate illiberality. Or words to that effect. For Barnes, the appearance was meant to spark riots that never came.

The flip side to this were those BNP activists who thought Griffin's back catalogue of bigotry and idiocy was not a strength but a barrier to creating a renewing force among fascists. Doubts have been raised about Griffin's ability to act as a national front man for the BNP whilst also being a bag carrier for fascism past. It reminds me of fans of long running bands who are split between those who want stuff from the recent chart topping album, the only one they know, to those who just want to hear the old favourites, no matter how unpopular.

"Give us the one about the Holocaust that never happened" one section of the crowd cries, met with shouts of "hug the Jews Nick, hug the Jews!" No wonder he looked confused, this was a crowd he was never going to please. He can't even get the Daily Mail on side, I mean how bigoted do you actually have to be for these people?

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weggis said...

Oi Jepps, I’ll have you know that the Ice sheet only extended to about Finchley and that we Cockneys were munching Jellied Eels long before Bow Bells and the ice sheet receding to allow those foreigners up norf to develop such delicacies as Black Pudding, Lancashire Hot Pot, Mushy peas and yeurk Haggis.