Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Commie Cops Catch Criticism

This is brilliant. The Brighton Argos reports that "Brighton's Green Party councillors have been accused of being communists" by the Tories. Joy!

The Argos then deployed rather euphemistic language saying "Conservative Coun Fallon-Khan, the council's deputy leader, questioned the way the Green Party coun councillor [Ben Duncan (seen here supporting a workers' uprising)] approached his role on Sussex Police's supervisory body." A body the Brighton Tories are not represented on due to their lack of support in the city.

But it's a double helping because "Tory councillor Lynda Hyde also responded to Green proposals to set strict new recycling targets for the city by saying: "It's communism"." This is brilliantly bonkers, keep it coming Tories!

Ben "Stalin" Duncan disappointingly explains that the Tories were actually annoyed that the Greens were represented on the police authority when they were not. "When the nine councillor places were being divvied up between East and West Sussex Counties and the City Council, we argued that Brighton and Hove should have two reps rather than one - both to give the Tory administration a voice in the way policing is delivered and in recognition of the fact that policing Brighton and Hove is a bigger job than keeping much of rural Sussex safe.

"But the argument didn't prevail, thanks to the opposition of a majority of East and West Sussex councillors - and the Brighton Tories were left out of the picture."

Which means basically that Sussex Tories et al voted against allowing Brighton to have two places on the authority which meant only the Greens got the place. Sad. No collectivisation of the workers in uniform, no abolition of the oppressive apparatus of the state, no purging of the kulaks, nothing. Oh well, never mind comrades, once we're in charge we can institute our five year plan, then we'll show them.

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