Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cat news: the purr of suggestion

When I launched this blog I did say it was my intention to post about cats occasionally. I have be woefully remiss in this task - until now!

News just in, Chris Jackson, presenter of Inside Out in the North East and Cumbria, registered his cat, George (pictured), as a hypnotist with three industry bodies;

  • the British Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (BBNLP),
  • the United Fellowship of Hypnotherapists (UFH) and
  • the Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioner Association (PHPA).
Jackson was concerned that there is precious little regulation in the industry, if you can call hypnotism an industry, and set out to expose just how easy it was to gain credible sounding accreditation.

In fairness to Jackson he would never had been so dishonest when applying to these bodies but George had him under a spell and when he wasn't eating onions as if they were apples, fetching in mice from the garden or endlessly opening tins of tuna he was under his pet's wicked, mesmeric power.

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