Sunday, August 02, 2009

Weekending: ladybug special

Now then, are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin;

  • Carnival of Socialism over at the Wombat. Good work!
  • Another thing some people know but is worth highlighting for some time now I've had a 'feed' of interesting news pieces and blog posts I spotted that you can subscribe to at this address. It's updated most days and others have found it useful, I think.
Letter of the week goes to John Bingham in the Independent;

The Government's latest attack on asylum seekers is, as you say in your leading article of 30 July, depressingly predictable. If the Government really wants to reduce the asylum budget, it should follow the lead of Australia and abandon the wholesale detention of asylum seekers (failed or not). By closing detention centres, housing asylum seekers in the community, and allowing them to work, the Government could save up to £250m a year, possibly even more.

As many of those detained have useful qualifications, they would, in addition, soon start adding to the tax revenue. The Government could then afford to give those unable to find work a reasonable level of benefit.

As you rightly say, the Government should be brave and imaginative and make the most of the enormous potential of asylum seekers to help the country grow its way out of recession.

And finally here's a nice little animated short about a ladybird that gets religion;

Supinfocom short movie - Romain Carlier from Romain Carlier on Vimeo.

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Ingenuity Lee said...

Your shared feed is great for lazy surfers like me. I'd miss most of hte stuff on there left ot my own devices. Thanks.