Saturday, August 01, 2009

Cricket aid for Iranian workers

Just spent a very enjoyable afternoon in a deserted corner of Walthamstow where two cricketing titans did battle. That's right it was the Hands off the People of Iran vs Labour Representation Committee fundraising match.

Hopi won the toss and team captain Attila the Stockbroker decided that we should bat first, after carefully weighing up wind speed, direction and the state of the sewage works just over the hedge. It was an inauspicious start with Communist Party of Great Britain stalwart Ben Lewis bowled out on his very first ball.

That means Ben Lewis got no runs and had to leave the pitch there and then. Without a run to his name, Ben Lewis. I believe they call that a golden duck which is seen, in many circles, to be rather unlucky. However in many senses everyone was a winner today, so I wouldn't want anyone to associate the name of Ben Lewis with the phrase Golden Duck as that would be very, very unfair - even if he did get bowled out on the first ball without scoring any runs

Happily the rest of the team took up Ben's slack and set to work against the LRC's handy bowlers. Mr Matt Sellwood, Green parliamentary candidate for Hackney added three full runs to the team before being given out in a very dodgy decision which I admit I didn't personally see. Natalie Bennett, from Camden Greens added another five runs and was not out by the end of the 25-over innings, McDonnell's bowling unable to dislodge her from the crease.

In that time Jones / Jonesy had made an excellent thirty and Sidwell was the star batsman retiring on 52.

John McDonnell's team then had their work cut out for them to beat Hopi's 112 for 5 but they had a brave stab at it. Their top scorer was John Milligan who was run out on 44, impressive when you consider he had to face Attilla's alarmingly unorthodox bowling style. Sam O'Neill was the other top scorer for the LRC with 24 (not out) despite the energetic fielding of one Mr Sunny Hundal.

Another fielding mention needs to go to the Socialist Party's Rosie Isaac who, although new to the game, made herself extremely useful and was an invaluable addition to the team.

Sadly years of being twinned with the craven moral turpitude of the New Labour government had addled the Labour team's senses. Even McDonnell's calming influence could not guide them to victory as they ended their 25-overs with just 99 for 5.

So Hopi wins the cup and when I know how much money was raised I'll let you know. Good stuff.

You can also see more photos here, here and here.


Matt Sellwood said...

Yes, it was a very dodgy decision. The bails might have gone flying in all directions, but that was obviously the wind. Had nothing to do with the straight ball that I totally missed. Obviously.

Personal figures - 3 runs, and one over at 0-8. I am a cricketing titan.

Had a good time though!

Jackson Jeffrey Jackson said...

Thanks for the report Jim. I think you forgot to mention that Ben Lewis was out first ball, scoring no runs at all.

Couple of tiny edits: LRC top scorer was John Millington and our other top batsman was Sean McNeill.

Thanks to everyone who came and made it such a good day.

Rory (5-0-0-18)

Jim Jay said...

Thanks Rory!

I thought people might appreciate Attila's take on the match;

"It was a PROPER GAME! With proper fielding and direct hit run outs like in Test matches and no one apart from me had drunk 5 pints before the first 10 overs had been bowled! The direct opposite of the the Evening Star team in other words! I didn't get to bat and didn't have to field the ball ONCE (I was standing behind the wicket keeper and he kept catching it, most unusual in my previous cricketing experience) which meant that I could keep up my beer intake undisturbed. I did bowl one over - 3 wides and a near LBW - which everyone found most amusing. But a good time was had by all and a fair bit of money was raised both at the match and at the evening gig, where I did something I am much better at than cricket and was very well received. Cheers to Ben for organising it and to everyone for a most enjoyable day".