Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Top Five Blogs

With eerie timing Neil asks me what my top five blogs are. The timing's weird because the Total Politics poll results will be coming out soon. Last year I was in the eighties somewhere sandwiched between Christopher Hitchins and Melanie Phillips, I'd be lying if I said I could not imagine more alluring bed fellows. Fingers crossed this year's poll sees me move up rather than down (just a bit of fun, just a bit of fun).

Anyway, I remember well from doing the first top Green Blogs poll in 2006 that these lists are brilliant ways of annoying lots of people apart from the winner so let me stress I'm choosing five blogs some political, some less so, that are representative of my tastes. Blogging's about variety and comparing a blog of philosophical essays to, say, one that posts short jokey snippets is a near impossible task.

A Very Public Sociologist; As one might expect I rather like lefty blogs. Phil's place is probably the best example of an open minded yet tough socialist blog. As an added bonus the conversation in the comments threads is often excellent. I could have mentioned Louise, Dave Semple or Peter Cranie here. I also like Liam's blog but he doesn't post often enough for my insatiable appetites, likewise Mary.

If Charlie Parker Was A Gunslinger; I love this sort of thing. Random collections of fun, weird or just plain bizarre images. Sometimes haunting, sometimes ridiculous always worth a look. It's why Mr Donkey exists after all. Photoshop disasters and Rupert Mallin are also excellent although very different.

Liberal Conspiracy; group blogging can be a wonderful thing when you get it right. Liberal Conspiracy is a solid, campaigning group blog / magazine. Pickled Politics, Third Estate, Stroppyblog, Lancaster Unity or The F Word as examples of other group blogs I enjoy.

Chicken Yoghurt; Political blogs that regularly make me laugh are a must and I find Justin's blogging to be effortlessly sharp. Or maybe he just makes it look that way. The only blog where I often find myself thinking "Christ, I wish I'd written that." In this category I could have mentioned Cruella, Sadie's Tavern or Ian Bone could go here too.

Sue Luxton's Green Ladywell; Councillor's blogs are not for everyone. Dog poo, planning applications and lap dancing licensing may well be a minority interest but for anyone interested in the their area or what are hard working representatives are up to I recommend them. I could have mentioned Bob Piper, Irfan Ahmed or Ben Duncan here.

If I missed you out I bet you noticed! Sorry. If I'd written the post on a different day I'd probably have mentioned different blogs. You really, really, really should not take it personally. For example I seem to have missed out Green bloggers almost entirely! Sorry to those like Weggis, Stuart, Richard, Dean, Natalie et al - you know I love you!

P.S. I like the fact this is catching on!


The Third Estate said...

Cheers comrade. But I can't believe you gave a shout out to Sadie's Shithole. This is the blog which - in characteristically unreadable style - confidently pronounced that the claims of police brutality at the g20 were the fantasies of a bunch of wanky trustafarians.

Jim Jay said...

Hi Reuben (?), she is rightwing Labour, yes. More often than not (literally) she says things that I don't agree with, she's too tribal for my tastes for instance - but there is a clarity in her writing that I like. She doesn't hedge - you know exactly what she thinks.

For example posting on the G20 (which I don't remember her posts but I was quite busy at that point doing non-blogging activism stuff) loads of Labour people would have thought it - she said it - she might be wrong but it would be unfair, I think, to slate her for saying the things others were too frightened too.

Although now I've said that I don't know if I agree with myself anymore... hmm.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Now I feel like I've got to go and post something on it, which I haven't done in ages, to justify the accolade! (there's just no pleasing some people, is there?!)

Stuart Jeffery said...

Awww JimJay, I luv you too... (In my best Southern US American accent).

Justin said...

You're too kind, sir.

neil h said...

Thanks Jim - very interesting! I'll certainly go and check some of these out.