Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sports desk reports

This week a few more sports items that I've seen here and there that I thought you might be interested in;


I thought Practically Insurgent wrote a lovely post pouring out his heart and soul on how he feels football is drifting ever further from his life.

Meanwhile Proper Tidy gets himself into the mood as he prepared for the first fixture for Wrexham's Red Army. (Result: 3-0 to Wrexham)

Arsenal's new flats development will segregate the rich from the poor. (Also in the same article Jeremy Corbyn's attempts to foil Islington council reversing a decision on Arsenal's match day parking).

And on a different note there's Scott Murray's tribute to the worst football kits ever.
It seems that women will be allowed to box at Olympic level for the first time. The London 2012 Games should be the first to feature women's boxing.

Natasha Jonas, Hannah Behanny; (front) Lucy O'Connor, Savannah Marshall and Sharon Holford. Leading British boxers.
Anglers mourn the death of Benson, an enormous carp, who was caught over sixty times in the last twenty five years, here. I think of this as a fun story, but it's sad really, poor old fish.
I missed this at the time but the Morning Star had a great piece on cricket as an imperialist beast a couple of weeks ago. Great fun.

Meanwhile James Lawton has an interesting piece on English cricket asking Flintoff direct; "Is it about England regaining the urn won so gloriously with the help of your inspiration in 2005, and then a year later squandered so grievously under your captaincy – or a series of Flintoff farewell concerts as stagy as any produced by the late Mr Frank Sinatra?"
That's all for this week. If you spot anything you think I should include next week, let me know.

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Proper Tidy said...

Only just noticed this piece - thanks for the link! Unfortunately, after two losses (and while currently drawing with the heavyweights of Tamworth) all that early season optimism has drained away already...