Monday, August 03, 2009

Sports desk reports

I've brought sports desk forward a day (it's been on a Tuesday the last three times) because, well, you'll see. If you see any features that might fit next week's 'sports desk' do let me have the link.


Does the Tour de France encourage internet piracy? Mark Pack thinks so.
Bike polo
The Guardian's ethical living section has a piece today on a rough and ready game that's all about urban fitness. Sounds manic to me mind but we're told that bike polo is a sport with a long and illustrious history.

London Olympics
In today's Morning Star I argue that the government has 'shunned grass-roots sport in pursuit of glory'. Hope you enjoy it, that's my first print article in a newspaper's sports pages, and I'm rather pleased with it.

The Independent reports that tickets wont be as affordable as we were once told. Games organisers "cannot guarantee to honour their initial pledge to make the cheapest available for just £15".
Bobby Robson, the man who said "I would have given my right arm to be a pianist", has died. Terry Butcher on the great man and in his own words.

Is Chess a sport? Probably not, however I did spot this interesting video from Grand Master Alexandra Kosteniuk and where else was I going to put it? Don't answer that!

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Xhris said...

There's a bit of a movement for female chess players to get sucked into stereotype "tasteful brainy-woman fashion shoots".

File alongside the magnificent Natalia Pogonina, and be sure to have a chuckle at the second poll down on her website. The mind boggles.