Monday, August 03, 2009

Jayne Forbes for Green Party chair

I'm going to be running a few posts on the ongoing Green Party Executive elections. In the first of these posts I want to quickly discuss the election for national chair and why I'm backing Jayne Forbes.

It seems to me that this coming year is one where we need a strong chair with experience and a sound reputation. Jayne is ideally placed to be that candidate with extensive experience in both the Greens and outside organisations.

Having served as the chair of the World Development Movement she brings with her an understanding of what it's like to chair a national body and her previous experience on GPEx means that she already knows the ropes.

Jayne has the support of leading members of the Green Party including Caroline Lucas and has a proven track record of solid team work.

The role of national chair needs to be filled by someone with a calm mind, genuine experience and who has the support of the majority of the executive. A chair cannot be prone to ego trips or petty factionalism. Jayne is the only candidate who even comes close to this description and that's why she has my full support.

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