Sunday, July 05, 2009

Weekending: RIP Molly

Hi there, it's time for the end of the week round up;

  • Looking for work in Cambridge? There's a housing job at the Co-op. Apply.
Letter of the week comes from The Independent;

I completely agree with Dominic Lawson (30 June) and those of your correspondents who say that MPs should be allowed to have second jobs, and I would like to recommend that they undertake posts which are directly relevant to the people they serve. I therefore suggest, for example, that Ed Balls (Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families) become a classroom assistant, Andy Burnham (Secretary of State for Health) become a nurse, and that Douglas Alexander (Secretary of State for International Development) manage a branch of Oxfam.

Justin Brodi, Chester

RIP Molly Sugden, this is for you.


Amy Kennedy said...

Jim, why isn't my blog on Greenfeed yet please? *stamps foot* ;) Weggis is complaining :0

Benjamin Solah said...

The plug is appeciated, as always. And I'll have to check out the new blogs. No luck finding Australian ones?

Jim Jay said...

Greenfeed is done by someone else not me, but I'll see what I can do :)

Ben: I have a special thread for suggestions of Oz, US, etc blogs and I'm going to bring them together properly at some stage (as well as adding them to my rss etc) I generally use weekending just to add those things that I've come across during the week / requests / etc. rather than do lots of little posts