Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Daily (Maybe)

Ah, it seems like only yesterday when I started the Daily (Maybe) as a private little project to see if I could write a post a day for just one month. There seems to be a little bit of slippage on the end point as I started on July 1st 2006. What do they call it? Mission creep?

At the time I laid out what I was trying to do;

  • Aim - to have a blog.
  • Objective - to post on the blog.
  • Strategy for challenging a world being increasingly swallowed by neo-liberalism - ummmm.
  • Attempt to set the tone - one picture of a cat that looks like Hitler.
  • Big doubt - that people start blogs with good intentions and then start flagging and collapse, for all to see.
The success rate seems pretty good. I have a blog, I have posted on it, I have said ummmm a whole number of times, I have posted pictures of cats (although not nearly enough) and my good intentions seem to have surpassed themselves rather.

No regrets then.

In celebration of the Daily (Maybe)'s birthday Lord Mandelson has called off the privatisation of the post office and part of the rail network has been taken into public ownership - I can't wait til Christmas!


James said...

I think ID cards were put on hold for my 500th post. Let's see what we can do about climate change next.


Phil BC said...

Congrats Jim. Your blog is always a must-read and is in my top ten lefty blogs.

But I remember thinking to myself as a smug self-satisfied UKLN mod thinking back in 2003/04 this blogging lark wouldn't come to anything. Six years on and I'm looking forward to my third anniversary in December too. If you can't beat 'em ...

Anonymous said...

Pah! You blogging novices - I'd been blogging a full 3 months before you started!

Seriously though, happy birthday Daily Maybe! Oh, and if you could arrange for Peter Mandelson and all the other unelected members of the cabinet to buzz off for your next post that would be great.

Barkingside 21 said...

Bugger! I missed my own birthday, which was two days before yours.

Happy birthday anyway and may all your Christmases be green.

Jack Ray said...

good to see this place still going strong as my own effort limps along after all this time. You post anywhere else?

ModernityBlog said...

you had a plan? how very methodical, still you don't look a day over 3 and a half!

Congrats :)

Jim Jay said...

Thanks everyone.

Jack - I've occasionally posted elsewhere but generally I'm just here (apart from when I write articles for publications). It something I've thought about but generally I'm too lazy and it's easier to post here than write for other poeple :)

Sue - I'll try.

The biggest issue in the blogosphere is stickability and anyone lasting more than a couple of years is doing well, couple of weks even.

weggis said...

Never enter into anything without an exit strategy.

Jim Jay said...

I did consider quitting once, but people wouldn't let me.

I do think about what would happen if/when I get elected though - I'm not sure I'd feel I could be as free with my opinions... and swearing.

Benjamin Solah said...

Happy 3rd Birthday.

My 5th Birthday is tomorrow. Woo!

stroppybird said...

Happy blogging birthday!

bob said...

Happy birthday. The years go by quickly don't they!

What is it with bloggers and cats? Am I the only blogger with no interest in cats?

bob said...

P.S I'm younger than Benjamin, but older than most the rest of you. Missed my 4th birthday in January.

Jim Jay said...

Thanks all.

yes Bob, you are literally the only blogger who doesn't like cats. I don't know how you slipped through!

weggis said...

No he isn't!

John Mullen said...

Well I like your blog, Jim. I think you should celebrate your birthday by adding my blog to the list on the right of the page :=)

Jim Jay said...

I'm useless at updating my blogroll... so there!