Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Green Party conference

Warning: this post might only be of interest to Green Party members.

The preparations are underway for Green Party conference in September (3rd - 6th). That means it's the opportunity for members to do things like book fringes, nominate for the national executive elections, and take part in the prioritisation and amendment of motions.

The deadline for fringe requests is the 15th July and the deadline for GPEx nominations (the national executive) is 14:00 on the 24th. My dream is that every post is contested, so if you're thinking about going for it - do! Every uncontested post is a little bit less democratic accountability.

You can check out the motions at the members website - 21 policy motions (including subjects like health care, Afghanistan, public ownership, and co-operatives) and 7 organisational motions.

I'd like to encourage members to take part in the prioritisation ballot here which helps determine the order that motions are heard in (and which motions may fall off the end of the agenda). The deadline for this is the 15th July.

You can vote for three of each and whilst I haven't quite decided which policy motions I'm going to favour I do know which organisational ones I'm voting for - as I have my name next to them as a kind of bookmark.

There are two motions proposed by other people that I'm supporting, and I shall prioritise one of them;

D53 Amendments to decisions made by membership ballot: This motion amends the current Standing Orders for the Conduct of Conference to ensure that in general amendments to the Constitution and Philosophical Basis introduced by a referendum of the whole membership can only be made by a further referendum.

D55 GPEx standing orders: This motion is intended to obligate GPEX to advertise its meetings, publish its minutes in good time, and adequately explain its structure to the Party membership.

Then there are the two motions I wrote, both of which I'm going to prioritise;

D51 Block of three on GPEx: This motion removes the posts of management co-ordinator and publications co-ordinator, replacing them with a block of three executive members to be elected on one ballot paper (as with committee posts). Their tasks and responsibilities will be determined by GPEx as a whole to fit the needs of current circumstances.

D52 Joint lists: This motion removes the constitutional bar on joint election lists with those outside of the Green Party in proportional representation (PR) elections. The current section of the constitution was written before there were PR elections in the UK and so was not designed to consider such a possibility.

Oh the excitement!


Matt Sellwood said...

Are you open to bribes to persuade you to prioritise the right organisational motion? :)


Jim Jay said...

At the usual rate - of course.

Matt Sellwood said...

So that'll be one picture of a cat that looks like Hitler, then? :)


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to every boring minutiae of detail being debated on these motions, now I want have to be rushing around organising conference committee stuff!

Joe Otten said...

"Warning: this post might only be of interest to Green Party members."

Nooo - I'm always interested. Gives me a sense of anti-nostalgia. Is the first agenda online anywhere? I'd like to check it for extremism. ;)

Jim Jay said...

I'm afraid it only appears to be on the members website Joe.

It turns out Rupert Read is our resident extremist and he's been too busy to submit motions this time :)

There is a motion advocating an NHS for pets. How's that?

Joe Otten said...

I think you would struggle to find reliable scientifically supported interventions for pets without some sort of testing on animals.

May I suggest aromatherapy for pets instead?

QUB GREENS said...

Will be hopefully making it over the Irish sea for this. Part of my role as GIN Co-secretary and also as a member of the GPEW!

Marcus MacCormaic
Green Party Northern Ireland

Jim Jay said...

Joe: I shall move the aromatherapy for pets amendment myself - good call :)

Look forward to meeting you in person Marcus