Monday, June 01, 2009

In memory of George Tiller

Murdered by a member of a right wing militia yesterday as he served as an usher in church, Dr George Tiller was no stranger to suffering violent attacks for providing women the choice over their own reproductive health.

Anti-abortionists (sometimes misnamed pro-life) had picketed his clinic for years, there was a bomb explosion at the clinic in the 80's and he was shot twice in 1993 at a time when a whole number of people involved with reproductive health had been assassinated. Anti-abortionist activists even turned up to a service in remembrance to him today (right) even whilst paying lip service to the 'love of Jesus'.

Despite the intimidation he continued to provide this service to the community having been inspired at an early age by the case of a woman who had died during a back street abortion. He was fully aware that he was in danger by doing what he was doing but he had the courage to continue and it is impossible not to admire him for that.

The anti-abortion movement in the US, which is also opposed to sex education and freely available contraception, is overwhelmingly right wing in nature and is based upon intolerance rather than any religious teaching. Everyone should reject it, religious or atheist, for the hypocritical and hate filled movement that it is.

President Obama, who was heckled by 'pro-life' students earlier this month, has sent in US Marshals to protect other clinics round the country. The following news report covers the community remembering Dr Tiller;

George Tiller, in his own words;

Other physicians murdered in this sick cause include David Gunn, Barnett Slepian, and a whole number of others. You may also like to visit Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health.

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