Monday, June 01, 2009

Announcement: A River of Light for Tiananmen this Thursday

Sadly I wont be able to attend this event as it's on election day in Cambridge but if you're around and have the time I'd like to encourage others to go along to support a worthy event.

A River of Light for Tiananmen

A Floating Lantern Ceremony on the River Cam at the 20th Anniversary of the June 4th Tiananmen Incident.

June 4th (Thu), 8pm
Gather by Fort St. George Pub, Midsummer Common

20 years ago, peaceful protests for freedom and democracy were brutally put down by tanks and machine guns.

20 years later, justice is still elusive. Mothers are forbidden to mourn their lost children. Exiles are refused the right to go home. Many still languish in jails. Discussion of "The Incident" is strictly censored.

The least we could do, is to remember. Both the death, and the living.

Let’s lit up River Cam in a call for justice and truth. Together we will show the world that yes, we care, and truth would not be buried forever.

The event itself is free, and help will be on hand to help you make your own lantern. We also provide an online ‘lantern adoption program’; even if you cannot join us on the day, you can adopt your own lantern beforehand and still show your support! All proceeds from the event will go towards the Tiananmen Mothers.

Co-organised by CU Amnesty International and Chinese Salon

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