Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekending: there's always time to vote

Here's this week's crop, in no particular order;

  • Poll out today puts the Greens on 11%... 4 MEPs here we come?
  • Cambridge-ites might like this gender symposium: oppression and revolution on Weds.
  • You can watch the entirety of Land and Freedom free online. Great film.
  • The Times tells us how to protest in style (fashion pages, tut).
  • Good interview in Socialist Worker with fantasy writer China MiĆ©ville.
  • In Red Pepper Brigg57 has some very cogent arguments against radical poetry.
  • Ben reports on the ongoing battle in Brighton against Starbucks.
  • You can look up local elections taking place near you here.
  • UKIP vs Green video.
  • Great coverage of Caroline Lucas in the Independent on Sunday.
Letter of the week goes to this one from Wednesday's Guardian.

Last summer, Conservative MP David Davis, the then shadow home secretary, resigned his parliamentary seat so he could fight for re-election to it on a platform of defending civil liberties. He won the resulting byelection. Davis is one of the Tory grandees exposed by the press, having claimed £10,000 on home renovations and furnishings, which include a portico at his Yorkshire home worth £5,700 (Cameron threatens to discipline MPs, 12 May). He's gone from pretending to defend liberties to taking them.

Sasha Simic

Finally, as this video makes clear, there's always time to vote.


Matt Sellwood said...

Thanks for the Land and Freedom link - but do you know if there is a version with subtitles? Want to get a few people who haven't seen it to watch it, but they are not Spanish speakers...

Anonymous said...

that is one weird video to get people to vote!