Saturday, May 16, 2009

Labour activists abstain from election

It's only a couple of weeks since Derek Draper was the most loathsome and corrupt individual in British politics. Oh how his Parliamentary colleagues must admire him to come to his aid in such a spectacular fashion. It's like a modern day Spartacus isn't it? "No - I am the most corrupt political figure!", "No, it is I!" Or something like that anyway.

In reflection of that my poll now only has Derek Draper in last place as Labour's biggest arse with 14%, votes which were almost all cast before the expenses scandal broke. Anti-immigration Phil Woolas attracted a mere 25% placing the terrible twins of James Purnell and Hazel Blears at the head of the poll at 32% and 38% respectively.

Blears made a late rush for top place after waving around a cheque for over thirteen grand and richly deserves her place as Labour's biggest arse. Congratulations.

The voters are angry

I've been working hard to ensure the Greens maximise their vote in the coming elections and I have to tell you the level of anger on the streets at the current crop of politicians is pretty fucking frightening. I had the angriest voter I've ever seen yesterday tell me he was voting Green because, and I quote, "All the others are BAAAASSTTAAARRRDDDSSS". I made a squeaking sound, thanked him and scuttled away.

One thing I've noticed is that Labour just isn't out. Not at all. I know the MPs aren't showing their faces, and I don't blame them, but it does seem to me that if Labour don't get their activists out campaigning there isn't much point in lecturing everyone else about how awful the BNP will be. At this rate they'll be completely wiped off the map.

Labour activists abstain from election

It got me thinking as to why they aren't out. Now they were starting from a fairly low level but you always saw someone around come election time - but this time they seem to be relying on freepost and the news. In the current climate that doesn't seem wise - at least at a local level there must be some decent Labour councillors who could do their bit to shore up the Labour vote. It might be they don't want to.

Maybe they want to lose. A bad result might mean a Brown abdication and so one way an activist might help this along is to sit back during the election. If Labour members want Brown to go it makes sense that they should help the party to a bad result come June. That seems harsh, but it could be a factor.

Labour may well be saving money. All non essential spending has to be saved for the General Election so perhaps they think losing MEPs is a price worth paying. The coffers are empty (or rather are in massive debt) so it could well be that there has been a national decision to stand back from the Euros. Certainly the election broadcast had some of the lowest production values I'd ever seen.

Perhaps they're scared. If Labour activists are spotted in the street perhaps they fear they'll be attacked. They might even have some justification for this. You have to be pretty brave to step out the door with a Labour rosette on these days I'd have thought.

Maybe they are ashamed of their party. They could well be demoralised and there is no reason why they shouldn't be as angry as everyone else. Under these circumstances I suspect many will leave Labour and certainly in the short term not be bothered with turning out a vote for a party so at odds with public opinion.

It is with this in mind I'm launching my new poll - where are all the Labour activists? Top right hand corner, get voting people!

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John Buckingham said...

Would it be worth my while pointing out that only 13% of Labour MPs (vs 13% of LDs & 19% of Tories) have been implicated in this scandal?

Thought not. But of course we're angry with them - is that supposed to be surprising?