Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekending: Are you tweeting too hard?

Hello, this is the weekend.

  • Fifty/fifty representation for women in the European Parliament? We'll see.
  • UKIP leader brags of how much he squeezes out of the gravy train.
  • Tom Wise concurs that can make "shed loads as an MEP".
  • Make votes count says PR can solve the complacency of MPs.
  • There's a new site called re-select promoting the deselection of dodgy MPs.
  • Gordon is putting together a wiki guide to the election. It's here feel free to add info.
  • Listen up election nerds, you need the online D'Hondt calculator, yes you do.
Quote of the week from the exceptional Mark Steel;
Perhaps this is a result of a strain of dyslexia, in which the sufferer mixes up the word "sorry" with the word "caught". What they mean to say is: "I'm giving back some of the money because I feel truly, truly caught."
If you've not heard of Tom Lehrer do look him up, but as a taster here's one of his classics.

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Strategist said...

Enjoyed the London Paper article, thanks, and congratulations for getting it in and for the 87% approval rating.

But... "Jim Jepps lives in NW1"? I thought you were a Cambridge Cruiser. I hope you're charging this to your second home allowance!