Monday, May 25, 2009

String him up?

As you can see David Lucas is a fine example of the master race. As a European Parliamentary candidate for the BNP in the Eastern Region his strong stance on law and order has been somewhat 'controversial' over the years.

He hit the headlines a while ago when he revealed he was manufacturing mobile gallows for use in peace loving democracies like Zimbabwe and Iran whose policies on hanging gay people and trade unionists are no doubt close to his heart. When criticised for his sale of execution equipment to totalitarian regimes he said that "business is business".

He told the Guardian at the time; "I'm not a horrible person. I believe in law and order. The production of gallows is for law and order, not for bad people to get hold of it. You can't pick up a set of gallows and go and shoot someone with it. Gallows can't fall into the wrong hands like knives or guns."

The man's a genius and he's absolutely right - you cannot shoot someone with a set of gallows. This fact is incontrovertible. However, Mr Lucas, you *are* a horrible person and if current evidence is anything to go by you *don't* believe in law and order either as, according to the East Anglian Daily Times, you've just been arrested for handling stolen goods.

What's the Sharia law punishment for that then?

Never mind David, your party still loves you and have decided that no matter what despicable or criminal acts you commit you're still one of the gang. It seems that the BNP's law and order agenda is more nuanced than it might first appear. Facilitating Sharia Law is just good business as is handling stolen goods.


Anonymous said...

I referred to the BNP as a bunch of traitors to Britain yesterday:

The British National Party: Traitors in Our Midst.

Your additional information just makes the accusation even more potent - supplying Iran and Zimbabwe with the means to execute people isn't an act of loyalty.

Benjamin Solah said...

Wow, that's quite extraordinary. Though not that surprising. Hopefully it comes out more in the media and he gets totally discredited.

You'd imagine that even BNPers would hate this seeing as they're racist toward Iran.

Respectable Citizen said...

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