Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Salma Yaqoob endorses West Midlands Greens

Cllr Salma Yaqoob, a leading voice in the Respect coalition, endorses West Midlands Green candidate Felicity Norman.

I think this endorsement, coupled with our adverts in Asian News and The Voice pointing to the excellent Stop Nick Griffin site, is really important in terms of mobilising those who might otherwise have stayed at home with Euro-apathy.

More exciting news!

The excellent Craig Murray has come out in support of the Eastern Region's Rupert Read saying;
"out of the whole country, in the Euro elections I would vote for Rupert Read in the Eastern Region of England. Rupert is an honest and hard working man with a passionate concern for the environment and for the quality of life in this country. He sees the need for a society not motivated solely by greed. He is that rare thing in modern politics - somebody who wants to serve, not to rule."
People might also be interested in this statement from George Galloway endorsing Peter Cranie.


Strategist said...

Great stuff.
Can Salma become Britain's Obama?

Jim Jay said...

Yes she can!

James said...

I'd have more respect for Respect if they ditched the bullying demagogue who leads them.

Aaron said...

I also think that Salma is a fantastic person with a lot to offer people - principled politics and standing up to injustice and inequality in society. Great to see some left unity. There is always hope!