Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Darren Johnson on MPs expenses

I thought this was a good letter from London Assembly Member Darren Johnson on the current car crash over MP's expenses, so I thought I'd highlight it here.

Dear Editor,

The MPs' expenses debacle has really undermined the public's faith in the political process and in politicians. And I can't say I blame people for losing faith. As a councillor and London Assembly Member I have always been used to operating under ultra-strict rules about what we can and can't claim for. So I'm utterly appalled at what many MPs have been allowed to get away with.

With elections to the European Parliament coming up on June 4th I am sure many people are wondering whether it's worth bothering to vote at all. But that worries me. If the turnout is really low it makes it easier for the BNP to win a seat. So to decent people who cannot bear the thought of voting Labour, Conservative or Lib-Dem this time, I urge them to think about voting Green. Not only will this help Jean Lambert, London's Green Party MEP, get re-elected it is also a positive vote for the future.

As we said in our election broadcast - if you don't want things to continue as they are, if you think fairness, integrity and the environment belong in politics then think about voting Green.

Cllr. Darren Johnson AM
Green Party Member of the London Assembly

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scott redding said...

Caroline has written a piece for commentisfree:

"It's clear that not all MPs are implicated – and important to remember the many hard-working politicians in Westminster. But it's also important to remember that this particular political disaster is just the tip of the iceberg into which the government looks set to crash."

"Expenses may be the story of the day, but much bigger issues form the wider context of the current disillusionment with politics. The gradual erosion of democratic accountability and civil liberties, increasing inequality, and cowardice and mismanagement in the face of financial collapse – followed by increasing unemployment. So the floor is being thrown open to alternative, non-Westminster parties to stake a claim in the new political landscape. Now is the time to resist attempts from far-right parties who seek to capitalise on the anti-politics mood and rising unemployment with a narrow agenda informed by racism and ignorance – but who offer nothing at all in the way of practical policies to create a fairer and more sustainable economy. These policies are what most voters are looking for."