Sunday, April 05, 2009

Weekending: ten spots

Let's get to it! But first an update on the G20 death.

The Guardian reports on the eye witness accounts that say the dead man,Ian Tomlinson (who was not a protester but on his way home from work), was assaulted by the police before he died.

Two other eye witness accounts on the blogs that I'd recommend are from Vicky and from Andrew.

Now to the weekending;

  • First off I was asked to link to Jean Lambert's e-news. Duly done.
  • Greenman calls on us to support the occupations. Exciting!
  • Having posted about netiquette I thought Derailing for Dummies might be of interest. There are experts out there and so the rest of us need to catch up!
  • News from Russia. In the United Russia Party Putin's dog eats before the top brass.
  • Here at the Daily (Maybe) we spit on Berlusconi and all his pseudo-fascist henchmen. So too does the Queen. Keep the red flag flying Ma'am.
  • I note with interest that Hazel Blears is being sued. Oh dear.
  • Obama calls for a nuclear free world. Gosh.
  • Oh look, they're shooting gay people in Iraq. It must be brilliant to be free.
  • David Mitchell asks - where was Mr Merkle? A must read as ever.
  • Yousuf and Irfan both wonder why one sort of terrorism doesn't get prominent reporting when we might expect the story to plastered on the front pages if, instead of a fascist trying to blow up Mosques, it had been a Muslim trying to blow up churches. h/t Iain.
This is a very odd, but fun, video on aviation from the good people at SPURT!

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Benjamin Solah said...

Obama calls for a Nuclear Free world? Of course, it's never completely the truth. I had to blog about that one.