Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Not all occupations are bad

The anger that people always feel when their services are cut or their jobs threatened is combined with a sense of desperation when combined with the current economic situation. One of the fantastic new developments has been a whole range of occupations that have sprung up in response to attacks on working class people.

When Glasgow City Council proposed closing or merging 13 primary schools and 12 nurseries across the city parents were enraged. Glasgow Save Our Schools demonstrated, they lobbied the council they made their voices heard, but it wasn't enough and parents took their hearts into their mouths and occupied two of the schools under threat in an effort to save them from the axe.

This extensive video shot from within one of the Glasgow school occupations allows you to get a real flavour of how people feel about the closure of their services and why they have taken the action that they have;

But it isn't just the defence of public services - it's also the response to job losses that workers at the Visteon manufacturing plants have taken in Enfield and Belfast. Hundreds of workers, told they were to lose their jobs, took direct action to defend their livelihoods and staged sit ins. It's great to see.

Messages of support can be sent to or text to Kevin (Enfield) 07956 375 410, Des (Basildon) 07814 432 215 and John (Belfast) 07816 590 380.

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