Wednesday, April 08, 2009

More evidence: police obstructed Tomlinson's ambulance

Video footage has emerged of a police line obstructing the ambulance as it rushed to the scene. Protesters are clearly heard shouting "Let them through" as the police line blockading the street remains motionless even as the ambulance sits right in front of it with its sirens blaring.

It looks like the police reluctantly move in the end (although that's not entirely clear from the video, but I'm happy to accept that they do) but this is another piece in the jigsaw that shows the police version of events where protesters supposedly obstructed medical aid whilst the Met did all they could is looking ever more shaky.

Meanwhile my local MP accuses the police of not telling the truth. It includes this;

"We know that some officers were talking about being "up for it" and there are various reports of precisely that on the day. Any investigation of what happened to Tomlinson should ask searching questions about whether police command and control were undermined by a macho public relations strategy that ultimately increased the risk that serious injuries would occur."
We still await the police officers responsible to come forward. They must know they'll be identified so what are they waiting for? Why don't they want to give evidence? Are they getting their story straight, or just waiting to find out how much we can prove before deciding how much to admit?

But they have apologised for over the top restrictions on journalists preventing them reporting on events.

How ironic that today we are approaching the anniversary of the death of anti-nazi protester Blair Peach at the hands of the police. Plus ca change.

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Benjamin Solah said...

They did the same at APEC in Sydney - remove all identifying tags etc.

This is really disgusting, so I've been reading almost everything the section of the Blogosphere I read has on it.