Thursday, February 05, 2009

Ten links worth clicking

  1. After Lindsey: First thoughts by Charlie McMenamin.
  2. Woo Seok-hoon on the need for Green Party in South Korea.
  3. Twelve ideas for blog posts.
  4. The stupidest cops you'll ever see, probably, at the Scary Door.
  5. Weirdness of the day Tories embrace open source.
  6. The Times on the SNP budget that cuts spending on climate change measures.
  7. Adopted Domain on the same thing.
  8. Jean Lambert on CiF on air quality in the UK.
  9. Hope not Hate gears up the operation to stop the BNP winning a Euro seat.
  10. HarpyMarx on whether there are hierarchies of oppression.
  11. For every girl - there is a boy who...

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