Thursday, February 05, 2009

Poet's corner, sorta

Browsing facebook I came across the group Converting the whole canon of English literature into limericks. Now if that's not a worthy task I don't know what is. A few examples are in order I think.

Zola's Germinal, according to Owen O'Rorke:

Etienne, a hot-headed young tyke,
Persuades his co-workers to strike.
No-one was cut deeper
Than Maigrat the shopkeeper
When they hung up his balls on a spike.

Romeo and Juliet according to Beka Kimberley:

The story that everyone knows
Of two houses and all of their woes
Teen sex from the start
(but it's Ok- it's Art!)
The moral of the tale? Love blows.

The Bible, according to Matthew Greenall:

Said god to the first man of ages:
"Don't have sex, it'll put me in rages"
But original sin
Meant that god couldn't win
And the rulebook now goes on for pages.

Wuthering Heights according to Mark Baldwin:

So tell me where you'd rather be:
On moorland or sat in a tree?
I may well be dead
But I'm still in your head;
Oh Heathcliff, it's me, your Cathy...

Othello according ot Hannah Watson:

There was a young girl Desdemona
For her marriage her father disowned her
She misplaced her hanky
Her husband got cranky
And she ended up six feet under

Prometheus Unbound, according to Leanne Stokoe:

This Titan was filled with desire
To enlighten mankind with bright fire
And their freedom to choose
But Zeus wasn’t amused
Now the eagle of Titan won’t tire!

There are hundreds of these things, ah... the internet. I think the Othello one's my favourite.


Anonymous said...

Pride & Prejudice, according to me:

There once was a man called Darcy
Whose behaviour was really quite arsey.
He fell in love with Jane
But behaved like a pain.
Cos’ he thought her folks weren’t sufficiently classy.

Best I can do right now, I'm afraid. Glad to see you're using your week off profitably ;)

Jim Jay said...

Sue - that is bloody good! If you ever leave politics you could fill the shoes of Pam Ayers!

John Angliss said...

There once was a great Dane in mourning,
Who mused on his late father's warning,
To sleep, but to dream?
Intoned this drama queen,
And they all woke up dead in the morning.