Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Some of our bombs are missing

Gaza has been covered with unexploded ordinance for some time now and understandably Palestinians have taken steps to collect it up so it's not an ongoing danger to the local population.

On Sunday the Hamas guarded warehouse, where some of these bombs were being stored, was unexpectedly short a few bombs. They were missing. All kinds of people would like to know where they might be, and who might have them. Good and reasonable questions of course.

The fact that the place is chaos is not surprising, the infrastructure has been hammered flat. What has my head spinning is the reaction to the news that three one-ton bombs and eight quarter-ton bombs have gone walk about.

Hamas stole the explosives, apparently.

Now, I'm not a lawyer but this seems a curious perspective. You drop a carpet of bombs onto a country and when some of those bombs don't go off and are snaffled away is it really stealing? I mean they're effectively presents aren't they? They aren't your responsibility any more. It's not like kicking a ball over your neighbours fence and asking for it back. Is it?

What is the world coming to when you can't hurl high explosives into densely populated areas without someone walking off with your A grade flash bangs? Thieving bastards. That's IDF property that is.

At the end of the day Israeli forces are still dropping their bombs all over the place. To my mind if you're careless enough to throw your weapons around willy nilly you've lost any claim of ownership over them. Maybe that's just me though...

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