Saturday, August 02, 2008

Away from the keyboard by numbers

I've been away for a bit, got back last night, here's a summary of what's happened whilst I've been away, by numbers;

5 - I delivered five hundred copies of Norwich Green Party's latest newspaper on Thursday. In the blazing hot sun with no cover this was quite intense. Man, I'm still aching.

4 - number of times "I love peas" was shouted at me whilst delivering those papers. No, it's not just that the good folk of Norfolk at particularly fond of their greens, but also I was wearing this. I don't know why but I always get shouted at when I wear it. Excellent.

3 - the number of posts on the Green Party executive (not including leader) that are currently contested. That's chair, external communications and equality and diversity. The other posts all have one person putting themselves forward (except campaigns, which is a shame as our current co-ordinator, Jonathan Essex, is very well thought of) will all be re-opened at conference. It would be good see a number of these challenged to give members the maximum amount of say over what kind of executive they'd like to see.

2 - I came second place in the best green blog in the Witanagemot awards. The others in the top three were the inestimable Two Doctors and The Difference which seems to be a Tory blog focusing on ethics.

1 - the number of people standing for Deputy Leader. Good luck Adrian, you have my vote!

0 - Zero is the number of blog posts I would have been allowed to publish as blogger had identified me, along with many others, as a robot. That truly offends my cold, mechanical heart.

As you can see, they've relinquished and can see that this robot means no specific harm.


Anonymous said...

I've also been blocked by blogger and not unblocked as yet - how long did it take them to unblock you?

Give peas a chance! (nearly bought my niece a t-shirt from Little Green Radicals saying that, but went for the windfarm one in the end).

Jim Jay said...

I had to request an unblock, which I did last night, and by this afternoon I was up and running again - so less than 24 hours for me.

Lots of others seem to have the same problem - I think their spam filter has clearly gone wild!

If I were to desing one from scratch I think it might say "Peas please me now"

James said...

Thanks for spotting that Witangemot ranking, Jim, but I'm embarassed to have come top in something I knew nothing about.

Also, I'm another wearer of the same peas shirt. Perhaps it's somehow targetted at the very precise Green blogger demographic. That's a big market!

Jim Killock said...

This is the problem with relying on some else’s technology, they can lock you out.

scott redding said...

How is "The Difference" an environmental/green issues blog?

In just the last few entries, there are no posts on environmentalism.

There are, however, posts on condoms and mental illness (?!), as well as Britain having a "long history rooted in Christianity, going back to Augustine and beyond; a nation whose very legal system is founded on biblical principles, whose most prominent leaders over centuries have found their inspiration and motivation from their relationship with God - the God of the Bible." You know, as opposed to God, down the street, who runs the corner shop. Too many Gods. I just get them confused.

Jim Jay said...

I agree Scott, when I took a look I couldn't quite work it out myself.

I think it's entirely based on user polls though, so partly it's down to the demographic of the readership which is a little, ahem, UKIPish by the looks of things...

Rayyan Mirza said...

All hail Wordpress! Viva la blogolucion! (I've copyrighted that phrase in the extremely unlikely event that it catches on and they start using it in the American blogosphere)

Anonymous said...

hurray! Unblocked at last, may even blog for the first time in weeks!

Anonymous said...

it's a shame Jonathan Essex isn't re-standing for campaigns. a hard working person and a good all round bloke. is he not standing so he can focus on getting elected in Redhill East in 2009?