Thursday, July 31, 2008

Boycotts: Ten days left to vote

You have just ten days left to vote in my life changing boycott poll. Over two hundred of you have done so far and I thank you.

It's clear that fish was not a big mobiliser, but McDonalds, Israeli goods, meat and religion are all the front runners - with Nestle and aviation wheezing along behind them, but still in sight.

It does seem alcohol is not going to get scrubbed off the menu, which is ironic because I hardly drink at all anymore - making up for rather too much in earlier life, but it's nice to know that I'm not going to have to guzzle that bottle of Port in the cupboard over the next week and can save it for a more festive occasion.

Meanwhile, as I'm unlikely to post tomorrow, I thought I'd tag on to this post a few links I spotted that you might be interested in;

  • Progressives for a America have a friendly but critical open letter to Obama
  • Ellee Seymour has an interesting post on how Gordon Brown has been received in Suffolk.
  • Noel has a polemic against the idea of politics as a science.
  • Gill George is rightly irate that business leaders are pleased about Brown's hard line stance with the unions.
  • Greenman reports on the Scottish movement against airport expansion.
  • And lastly tygerland has intriguing news of John McCain's ability to speak for himself.


Magnus said...

Haven't been blogging much lately, but after reading your posts on what is happening on Italy, I'll be making a conscious effort to avoid Italian products. and yeah, I did buy them with regularity.

Magnus said...

BTW, my opinion - religion is a non-option. Believe, don't believe - participate or don't. Whatever. Wanna poll people, give `em a real option. Like Italy.

scott redding said...

If we had pro-fish components in secondary school education (biology classes focusing on gills, rather than dissecting rabbits; matrices questions based on fish populations; history that focused on cod and settlement in North America), fish would be leading the pack in your boycott poll. British society is fish-ist. Perhaps British Vogue can have a fish-only issue in the autumn.

Jim Jay said...

Just back from intensive couple of days and first look at internet / email etc... unfortunatley blogger has decideed I'm a spam bot and has frozen my ability to post new posts - will work on this asap and try not to let them delete me :)

Magnus said...

How does that happen?

Jim Jay said...

I've got no idea - it's never happened to me before!