Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mandela decreed safe at last

Anyone else notice that the Bush regime has seen fit to take Nelson Mandela off of the list of swivel eyed terrorists? It seems a little incautious don't you think? I mean this might be the break he's looking for and before you know it - pow! - he's driven a monster truck full of dynamite up the White House driveway.

Mark my words, you can fool the liberal dinner party set into thinking the man's some sort of living saint, but this timely reminder of his dangerous and radical past shows just how lax the US government is getting.

Surely they should have taken him in for a little light water boarding first - I mean it's not like it's torture or anything so he wont mind, and if he's not guilty he has nothing to fear.

Look Nelson, you might be able to fool intellectual giants like Sooty but you're not pulling the wool over my eyes. Once the bad guy always the bad guy - he's not even buying arms off the US that is how evil the man is. Think again George, please, think again.

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