Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Great Boycott Poll

Yep, after just over two years I've finally reached the point where I'm going to the polls. In possibly a first of its kind I'm putting my life in the hands of the great public of the world.

I'm committing myself to boycotting two items from the following list, which was partially determined by readers of the Daily (Maybe). I'm sorry I'm only committing to two but because this is really real I'd be lying to you if I said I was going to do the lot, and I don't want to lie.

There's also the option of not boycotting anything (presumably on the basis that they don't work) in which, if that's the choice you make, I will vow not to partake in consumer boycotts of any kind. At all.

You'll notice some fresh additions like Kettle Crisps and Religion and I'm hoping that readers will make the case for what they think I should boycott as the month progresses. Also feel free to highlight links that will help people make their choice, or even write your own posts on how you think people should vote - I'll link to them if I know about them.

These are the options - you can vote for as many or as few of them as you like in the right hand column and the two options with the most votes will struck from my life forever. Please use your power responsibly. Polls close in one month.


Aaron said...

Choices, choices..!

neil h said...

Hi Jim - I've written a post about a boycotting religion here

Dan said...

Alcohol, meat... why don't you just kill yourself and get it over with.

weggis said...

This idea of yours - to exercise consumer choice within a free market economy - could catch on!!

Jim Jay said...

I should patent it!

Aaron said...

Uh, I would say, meat and fish. Overfishing and unsustainable meat consumption damage the environment and by spreading the word and reducing your own, I reckon you could make an impact. Even when you say "I don't eat meat/fish" people immediately ask questions. Not everyone is particularly courteous and some (strangely) get offended - but mostly people are just intrigued.

Though whatever it is, good luck and if you don't stick to it, I wouldn't hold it against you. ;)

P.S. Amazingly I seem to boycott lots of those things you mentioned..
Alcohol - consciously don't drink.
Flights - never flown in my short life!
Meat - vegan.
Nestle - most of it is milk chocolate.
Bacardi - don't drink.
Coke - definitely don't drink (or any other fizzy drinks for that matter really).
Religion - atheist.
Fish - vegan.
McDonalds - the last McDonalds I had was 3 years ago and I would never touch them again.

Jim Jay said...

Well some of these things would be more of a pain than others to be honest. Bacardi, McDonalds and Nestle would all be pretty easy to avoid.

Coke would be difficult because a) they own everything so it's not just avoiding one sort of drink b) I really, really like it. But it wouldn't be a boycott if I wasn't going to touch the stuff anyway.

Flights - I've flown a few times in my life, not often though. However, as I work in international development it could get awkward if I have to go to Kenya or something - but I think if work forces you (as it's aprt of the job) you aren't breaking the boycott.

Alcohol, meat, fish would all be a wrench. Religion wouldn't make any difference on a day to day level but to not go to an important funeral for instance could cause long term family rifts... so I'm very much hoping this does not get picked... plus I'm very interested in religious ideas, if not being part of an organised religion.

weggis said...

I think you should boycott Fetish websites

Vadim said...

You should boycott Bacardi just for the sake of it being a terrible company:

Vegetarianism is easy. Cut out meat from your diet and cut out McDonalds at the same time because basically nothing in that restaurant is vegetarian.