Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Jim's micro-economic analysis in full

I'm not into talking up the economic downturn, as they say the left has predicted accurately eight of the last three recessions, but even I'm picking up some of the signs. Two pictures taken today.

Just closed: Peppercorns

Independent sandwich shop just off the market.
Everything freshly made to your requirements by friendly staff.

Just opened: Poundland

My Mum gets very excited by this sort of thing, I don't.
I believe it's the first one in Cambridge.

You only have to look at the empty shop fronts on Mill Road and around the Grafton Centre to see that something is happening. What are they being replaced by? A half full Grand Arcade and Tesco. Is this the future of the economy?


Anonymous said...

Is there still a shop called (I think) QD on the way to the Grafton centre? That was the equivalemt when I lived there (1990 - 1993)

Jim Jay said...

Ah no - that went ages ago - replaced by John Lewis, which has itself moved - that's just an empty building now :(