Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What orbit are you in?

Look, I'm sick of this - men have been to the Moon and come back to tell the tale. No - it does not make you radical to deny this.

I know I have no personal evidence that this is the case - but it is. Accept it! This is conspiracy theories gone mad for Goodness Sake. You don't have to question everything that's ever happened you know, you really don't.

I'm posting up a poll (see right hand column), to close the last day of the month, asking readers "Have men walked on the Moon"? Do not disappoint me readers.

I'm not putting a don't know option either because you blooming well do!


neil h said...

Own up - which fruitcake clicked the 'No' button?

neil h said...
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scott redding said...

Free the Capricorn One!

K. said...

More pertinently, would anyone who chose 'no' for any reason other than the lultz, like to fill us in on other exciting trufacts we may have missed? :P.

Jim Jay said...

It's 15 to 4... I don't like that ratio one bit!

a very public sociologist said...

But the shadows in the photos and the lack of stars in the sky prove it was all filmed in a Californian studio.

Well, that's the calibre of the conspiracy theories. Arrgh, I hate conspiranoia. But could it be said, to paraphrase Lenin, that conspiracy theories are the outer shell of an immature bolshevism? Or just evidence of fruit cakery?

Charlie Pottins said...

A fellow I knew at
Lancaster University called Harry Pinkerton was waiting for moon rock samples to be brought back so he could study them, as a lunar geologist, (if that is not a contradictory phrase, but what else could you call it?)
If the whole thing was faked then I'd imagine they'd have the phoney moon rock available straightaway, and with "the moon" written right through it.
But also Harry, a
good-humoured but down to earth(no pun) Scot, might have noticed something
In fact, what characterises all these conspiracy theories (as distinct from studies of real conspiracies) is that you have to imagine an endless number of
cover-ups and people with no visible reason to join the cover up all being part of
it. These "how do we know" games are fun sometimes, but that is all.

Anonymous said...

One of the more loony deniers claims that the lunar surface doesnt reflect light therefore the photos are faked.

Quite how he explains that bright light in the sky when the so-called 'full moon' is visible I really dont know.