Sunday, June 15, 2008

Welcome Aled!

Let me be the first to welcome socialist green Aled Dilwyn Fisher to the blogosphere.

It does remind me that I've not been particularly thorough in updating my blog roll of late, so if you think I've missed off a good one please do let me know and I'll add your suggestions to my links, probably.

If I want to that is.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jim!

You're blogroll is pretty good already - I've been stealing links from it! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim, I've relocated and I think your link is to my old site. But only update it if you want to :)

I need to send you a proper email one of these days, rather than this facebook and bloggery mlarky. I'm literally running out the door this moment to catch a bus back to the campo for two weeks, but will be in touch soon. love moll xxx

Leftwing Criminologist said...

yes, could you link to my blog - i've only just realised that it's not on the blogroll



Jim Jay said...

No problem Aled - I'm looking forward to reading more posts from you.

Moll - that would be nice :) sorry for not updating your link i'll get onto that your latest posts from Bolivia have been must reads!

LWC - I'm not linking to you?!?!? That's outrageous - sorry about that.

Jack Ray said...

and me!~sulks~

Jim Jay said...

Oh Jack - how could I?

I've added you in - and done the other updates. Apologies

Derek Wall said...

thanks for linking...I have posted an appeal for Green Party members to support the Kingsnorth Climate camp, you can read it here

Emma said...

You should link this from the guy who works for the Green MSps in Scotland: