Monday, June 16, 2008

Cambridge Uni Student arrested at Anti-Bush Demo

Report: Cambridge University student Joe Wilson, was the first protestor to be arrested at the “Bush Not Welcome Here Demonstration” in London on Sunday, 15th June.Joe aged 20 is a member of Cambridge CND, was a peaceful protester who managed to breach the barricades and then was quickly arrested.

Despite overwhelming opposition in the UK to the war in Iraq, Gordon Brown saw fit to invite George Bush to Downing Street for tea. Whitehall was barricaded by fences and a massive police presence and protesters were not allowed their democratic right to march and make their opinions heard. However it was stated in the media that George Bush could hear the protesters and was aware of their presence.

Cambridge people in the front rows of the barricades witnessed people being hit by truncheons and although the protest was peaceful in the early hours of the evening it was later reported that were 25 arrests. The protesters came from diverse backgrounds and were protesting on a variety of issues, such as George Bush’s poor record on environmental issues, conflict in Somalia and threats made against Iran as well as the continuing conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan.

When asked why he had joined the demonstration, Joe responded that, “The world shouldn’t be used as a chessboard." (see Citizen Steve for more)

Pic from Indymedia


Citizen Steve said...

It would appear that Joe was also abandoned in London and had to sleep rough.

Don't wish to be overly critical as I don't know the full story yet, but this appears to be a little unfair. Surely someone could have arranged for him to be collected (he was released at midnight).

The coverage in todays CEN doesn't mention the heavy handed policing, however says the Met have been praised for their handling of events!

Jim Jay said...

I hadn't seen it in the paper - thanks for that. link here

I was abandoned in London by fellow demonstrators once and didn't have the train fare home. It's a very alienating experience as it goes making you feel that others are less that "comradely". That was years ago and I'm over it now though.

When you said the Met had been praised you forgot to mention it was... by the Met "The Metropolitan Police officer in charge of the operation praised the officers involved." Still, I'm sure he's an unbiased source :)

Aaron said...

I was there at the demo.. and the police were definitely being very heavy-handed and acting dangerously. They were rushing the crowd at times, and there were elderly and teenagers there who could've been crushed or something.