Thursday, June 26, 2008

Up Against The Wall You Mad Cow!

At the risk of appearing a humourless drone can I just point out that the Monster Raving Looney Party is not funny and never has been. All of its candidates and supporters should be taken out and shot in their idiotic backsides, which is presumably where their brains reside.

They contribute nothing to the political process and encourage us to see serious political issues as pointless frippery. No, sod off.

Case in point: Mad Cow Girl - oh the fucking hilarity. Do you see what she did there? She has a silly name! Let the time of splitting our sides commence.

Let's look at her election statement shall we?

  1. She begins with a nerdy quote from the Hitchhikers' Guide about 42. Quoting something ad nauseam does not make it funnier thanks. It does mark you out as someone without the ability to think for yourself though.
  2. She then clearly aligns herself against civil liberties in the joke free statement "I may be a Loony, but I'm not mad enough to want dangerous people walking free in the name of political correctness."
What political correctness would that be then? I quote;
  • Suspected terrorists should be held until proved safe.
  • Sex offenders should be held in asylums until considered safe (if ever).
  • Antisocial yobs can rot in prison if they can't be sociable.
"Why don't decent citizens have a "Human Right" not to be assaulted, blown up or harassed, when the criminals can scream human rights if their handcuffs hurt?"

Reactionary - piece - of - shit.

Humour is a political weapon not an apolitical one. In other words, it still counts. Every racist who ever said "It's only a joke" knew it was a lie, but these bozos are too inbred to even know how fatuous they really are.

The MRLP has always been about dulling criticism, never sharpening it. Add to that tired statements about people having to prove they aren't criminals and you get something pretty foul. It reminds me of that Blackadder scene where the interviewer asks the silly parliamentary candidate about why they're standing. He says "Well, if you can't laugh what can you do?"

"Take up politics perhaps?" comes the dry response.


Joe Otten said...

This is all more or less government policy isn't it?

Surely it is only right that someone is representing the government in this by-election.

Aaron said...

I actually thought that the Loonies was a front and that this was the Labour candidate in disguise!

But again, completely agreed with what you said. I had never really thought about the Monster's and never cared to seriously look at their policies.. if this is one of policies, then sod 'em!

Ian_QT said...
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Ian_QT said...

OK, I thought better of that. Still think it's a strange thing to get worked up about, mind.

BenSix said...

But..but they're quintessentially British: a moulding of forced eccentricity and blank despair.

Former Party Member said...

Fair dos, some of us found Sutch's antics a bit of welcome light relief in the '70s and '80s. But you're right, Mad Cow Girl, whom I've met on several occasions, is utterly humourless. As a former member of the OMRLP I was astounded and appalled to see the Party standing on a 42-day platform.