Thursday, June 26, 2008

Highlighting a few events

- Friends of mine are organising a conference on climate change and faith in Cambridge in October and, because it looks interesting, I thought I'd help promote it. More details...

- The anti-fascist movement has reached a stage where it desperately needs to rethink its strategy. Searchlight are asking Where Now? which, I hope, will be the first step towards more meaningful activity than sponsored rambles through central London.

- Speaking of which some of you might be interested in the new anti-fascist web forum Unity, it seems like a good place to thrash out a lot of the crucial issues.

- If you want to donate to Shan Oakes' campaign against David Davis the full details are here. She maybe just one of his 25 by-election rivals but she's the only one with the backing of an actually existing political party and is far more representative of progressive opinion on civil liberties than this one rogue Tory will ever be.

- Rupert has an article in Total Politics about the campaign. It makes me think that Norwich would be an ideal place to make sure this debate on civil liberties is really brought to the Labour Party as it's the seat of former Home Secretary Charles Clarke.

- Lastly, I notice that the redesign of Cambridge station "lacks magic" according to the local paper. They often do, they often do.

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