Sunday, May 04, 2008

Thanks Brown, now shove off

Gordon Brown is doomed. His choice now is whether he wants to take us all down with him or doing the honourable thing involving a backroom and a pearl handled revolver.

I suspect he thinks of himself as a man of principle. He's devoted years of his life to politics throughout years when he must have felt that he'd never have advanced to the high office of Prime Minister. But facts are facts and the whole country can see he is a liability - will his principles stretch to standing down in favour of someone who could make a better fist of it?

Of course not. He'll put his personal interests first.

Well, perhaps Labour MPs will have the courage to push him? It seems unlikely given their craven inability to allow a challenger to his ascendancy just a few months ago. People talk of Miliband as a potential challenger, or even John McDonnell - but there will have to be a stalking horse first frankly.

This could well be Charles Clarke (who let's face it will be beaten at the next general election so isn't going to be selected as leader himself) but it would be good to see someone like John Cruddas step up to the plate who has credibility in the Labour Party and a sound adherence to Social Democratic principle, now that would be a real renewal of the Labour Party, in fact he could even win the next General Election.

But I doubt Brown will be pushed. Labour MPs are not known for their stout hearts and moral convictions, unless it aids their careers that is.

The alternative could be to call a General Election now, let the Tories have the economic mess, take the blame and then get back in for years after they've been booted out again. They've not the vision nor the courage to do that either. So we'll peter on with a weak and stupid government who've squandered the wave of progressive feeling that elected them way back in 1997.

Two years of floundering. Two years of Brown trying to look strong and resolute and then backing down and apologising a couple of weeks later. Two years of saying he'll listen without changing tack in the slightest. Two years of headlines about how weak he is. Two years of allowing the Tories to build up more support, more momentum. Two years of cowardice.



Doug said...

I agree that Labour MPs have been cowardly when it comes to Brown. That could work againt him, though. If enough MPs worry that they'll lose their seats because of Brown, they might get behind an attempt to replace him...

Although I suppose that relies on them having any more confidence in another candidate than they do in Brown.

Curly said...

Never mind we can all get ready for the next Brown relaunch, after a review, of course!