Saturday, May 03, 2008

Roundups elsewhere

A few bits and bobs I've come across that might be of interest...

Caroline Lucas in the New Statesman on our prospects for our first MP in Norwich, which C4 News seem to be convinced of at least. There's also an interesting piece in the Guardian on the Greens.

Stuart Jeffrey talks about his experiences standing in the Maidstone elections here. We also have Green reactions from Leila (from Wales), Rupert Read on the election results at Open Democracy, Scott in Coventry, Sue recounts an amusing anecdote from polling day in Lewisham. Natalie looks on the brighter side from her part of London and 1820 us horrified at Boris Johnson, understandably, and Noel Lynch on not getting elected to the assembly.

Chase me ladies... says he supported Johnson "on the grounds that the sooner London burns down or crumbles into the sea the better." Harsh but fair.

Rumbold was impressed by Ken Livingstone's speech conceding defeat (as was I)

Duncan looks at the general results for the BNP whilst Mick Hall looks at the BNP victory near him in Essex.

Martin from Swindon looks at the Tory surge and Labour's denial

One Lib Dem whines about the weakness of the Paddick campaign, Luke Akehurst on Labour's losses, and in order to do all three here's a link to Tory Home's thoughts.

We also have blog reactions from supporters of the Left List, the Labour left, and Respect Renewal, and another Labour left Louise.

Oh, and I forgot this great post from Sunny on why Boris is not so bad. I was reminded of it when reading a very interesting post by Obsolete on why Ken lost.

A few more: Permanent Revolution has a piece on Livingstone out; Labour to follow?, readers may be interested in the new blog Boriswatch, and Janine thinks about the left's results in Who's sorry now.

And a few more: Goodbye Ken, Cold Comfort, Rachel from North London, Barkingside 21

And the last batch: Penny Red says "Oh God", Quaequam worries about spoilt ballot papers, Rupert looks Beyond Boris, Complex system of pipes looks at the BNP, and there's a piece on the convention of the left on their reaction to the whole thing. You'll also want to read Adrian's piece on Reading.

For the TV watchers you can see this report on the Green gains in the Eastern region from the BBC.


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