Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Survey invitation: the political situation in the UK

I'd like to invite anyone who considers themselves as part of the left or progressive part of the political spectrum to take part in my reasonably short survey about the political situation in the UK.

This survey is the beginning of an investigation into how people feel about the spaces and opportunities (or lack there of) for the left in the coming years. It deals with trade union, and campaigning work - as well as examining respondent's own activities and concerns about those areas they feel the left needs to pay more attention to.

I'm hoping to get at least one hundred responses to give me some numbers to crunch and hopefully get some interesting data, so please do take part if this sounds interesting to you.

To take part in the survey, which should take around five minutes please click here.


stroppybird said...

I've done it and i'll plug it on stroppyblog.

When is the closing date ?

Jim Jay said...

Thanks Stroppy - and to everyone whose taken part so far - the response rate has been very good - almost half way to my target already.

I'll probably collate the results at the end of next week as long as I've had enough resposnes. Want to try to make it as representative as possible.

Couple of points raised to me by email

One person raised concerns around the question on "an independent and genuine left" where he thought the imlication was I was saying that the not independent left wasn't genuine - the questions not meant perjoritively I assure you! It's an attempt to get at whether people feel an *independent* current is truly possible I suppose.

Also, a few people have had difficulties getting the link to work - don't know what is hapeening there as others seem just fine with it. My recommendation is to have a nother go if you're still willing.

Anyways - thanks everyone! Some really interesting results coming in already

michael greenwell said...

don't have time to do it right now but will advertise it for you.

michael greenwell said...

tomorrow i mean.

and do the thing later.

Nick said...

I get "This survey is currently closed." Is it?