Monday, April 07, 2008

Sexing up the Greens

No, not another April Fools I'm afraid more of a double request.

Iain Dale, top Tory blogger, writes in with a request re his current online political sex survey. Apparently he's lacking Greens; "only had 17 Green Party people take part so far, of who 7% are virgins, 20% are gay and 21% have slept with an MP. I think we need a few more participants to balance it up a bit! Can you spread it around the green blogs and put it on yours?!!!"

My pleasure to oblige, although who's to say whether this is a representative sample or not. I am concerned, if so, at the numbers who are sleeping with the enemy (NB: quick maths tells me that 7% of 17 is one respondent).

Meanwhile, over at Stroppyblog we have a lefty version, inspired by Iain, which I somehow ended up as an advisor on. People might like to take part in both, one or none - the choice is yours.

1 comment:

stroppybird said...

"which I somehow ended up as an advisor on"

And very helpful you were on sugggesting the fantasies/role play scenarios for it as well:-)

btw one person said, by the time they got to the end, these questions just get weirder and weirder .

Mind some of the responses are interesting, I never knew so many lefties fantasied about John McDonnell :-)

I look forward to Green lefties adding to the survey.