Saturday, April 12, 2008

Canvas Tales

Canvassing today. One woman answered the door, in one hand holding her yapping dog and in the other barely holding together her towel.

She literally had suds all over her, including perched on top of her head.

Obviously I was very apologetic and explained why I was there - expecting her to say "Well love, I've got me hands full so maybe another time."

But no, she wanted a chat about the performance of her local councillors, the recycling collections and the twenty miles an hour zones - all holding her wriggling dog, maintaining a precarious grasp of her towel, suds gently bursting all the while.

I guess we must have chatted for around five minutes and it was time for me to move on to the next house. "So, were you thinking of giving us your vote on May 1st?" seemed a good way of finishing off, election poster at the ready.

"Oh no love, I never vote."

The moral of the tale? People are generally nice and are often up for a chat even in the most difficult circumstances. Also never let bubbles distract you from the important task at hand - turning out the vote!

1 comment:

Martin Wisse said...

Sounds like one of those letters to Penthouse Forum: Ï never believed it could happen to me, but the other day when I was out canvassing..."